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zys bearings

1958 ,Air bearing,electric spindle operating at 60000r/min were born

1960,The first batch of A23 precision instrument bearings,four kinds of high temperature high speed precision bearing grade A were born.

1963,Nautical gyrometer ball bearings were born.

1966,Missile-used bearings were born.

1972,DZ series electric spindles for grinding were born.

1975,High-Speed turbine dental bearing operating at 400000r/min,spindle bearing for precision machine tools were born.

zys in 1978

1978,High speed roundness tester and friction torque measuring instrument for miniature bearings were born.

1983,Cryogenic bearing was born.

1984,Super fininsher for convex rollers was born.

1985,Instantaneous super high speed ball bearings were born.

1986,National Supercisory and Inspecting center of bearing Quality was founded,one way clutch bearing was born.

1990,Thin section bearings was born.

1992,Ceramic ball bearing was born.

1993,Electric spindle with magnitic floating bearing was born.

zys in 1998

1998,Electric spindles for processing center were born.

1999,Grease -libricated bearing for high speed with dmN=1.89X10^6 mm.r/min was born.

2000,Speed-up eletric spindle for machining center was born.

2001,Saloon car bearing tester was born.

2002,Automatic peoduction line for precision ball bearing grinding and super fininshing was born.

2003,Bearings for Shenzhou spaceship No.5 were born.

2004,Bearing for air-condition were born.

2005,Bearings for Shenzhou spaceship No.6 were born.

2007,Bearings for chang’e satelite No.1 were born.

2008,Bearings for Shenzhou spaceship No.7 were born.

2009,Bearing for large thrust engine were born.

2011,Bearings for Shenzhou spaceship No.10 were born.

zys in 2016