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Bearing Component

We have a complete range of bearing comprehensive technical supporting capacity in the bearing industry of China and reach the leading world level in many disciplines. We provide comprehensive advisory services in bearing industry for the state's important decision-making departments. ZYS provide bearing Components include Bearing Ring,Bearing Ball,Bearing Cage,Bearing Roller and some other bearing components. The quality of bearing components is high but the price is competitive.
  • Roller Production Line

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    Roller Production Line

    Automatic Tapered Roller Production Line According to the final rollers and technical requirements customer provide, ZYS provide complete solution of equipment,both to bring convenience to customers. Main parts Main part Luoyang Bearing has been engaged in roller production...Read More

  • Ball Production line

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    Ball Production line

    Bearing steel ball production and processing system program ZYS aim at providing excellent manufacture, sincere service, key projects, full service and qualified products. 1. Object 1.1 Bearing ball range:usual 1.2 Ball grade:G40 1.3 Capacity:10Ton/month 2.Technological...Read More

  • Finished Bearing Ring

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    Finished Bearing Ring

    Bearing ring performance varies with ring materials and molding technology, ZYS can supply all types of bearing ring materials to meet the requirements of different bearing. Besides the ball bearing ring,slew ring, taper roller bearing ring, and other ring materials, we can...Read More

  • After Heat Treatment Ring

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    After Heat Treatment Ring

    Bearing parts after heat treatment According to the advanced heat treatment processing equipment,We can provide commercialization forging and quenching car quenching integrated products. ZYS also be customized according to customer requirements. Relying on mature material...Read More

  • Si3N4 Ceramic Ball

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    Si3N4 Ceramic Ball

    Si3N4 ceramic ball Performance ZYS silicon nitride ceramic (Si3N4) is a new kind of bearing material ,the material haveseveral good features, it possesses high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, non-magnetism, high strength, low density. In the...Read More

  • ZrO2 Ceramic Ball

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    ZrO2 Ceramic Ball

    ZrO2 ceramic ball Performance ZYS zirconia ceramic (ZrO2) ceramic possesses, high rigidity, high hardness, high strength, high toughness, high wear resistance, self-lubricity. In the application of bearing, zirconia ceramic ball can implement high temperature, high rigidity,...Read More

  • Tungsten Carbide Ball

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    Tungsten Carbide Ball

    Carbide ball Performance ZYS Cemented carbide ball possesses high hardness, high strength, high temperature resistance high rigidity, , corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation and other good properties. It is mainly used as modern tool materials, wear resistant materials, high...Read More

  • Bearing Cage

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    Bearing Cage

    Bearing cage materials ZYS Bearing cage performance varies with cage materials and molding technology, ZYS can supply all types of bearing cage materials to meet the requirements of different applications. Besides the textile laminated phenolic resin, porous polyamide and...Read More

  • Bearing Roller

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    Bearing Roller

    ZYS product all kinds of standards high precision,lownoise,high life bearing roller in a special production process,The taper roller of the 5-25 mm,the accuracy for the ll ,lll. Product Use ZYS brand taper roller satisfy the needs of the market of following 1,high speed and...Read More

  • Steel Ball Products

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    Steel Ball Products

    ZYS has a complete production line from powder pre dispersion by ultrasonic to packed delivery which Can guarantee the quality of ceramic balls and carbide balls, ZYS have an overall quality control system, quality inspection on raw materials, accessories, mixture, pressing,...Read More

Luoyang Bearing Science And Technology Co.,ltd.has been engaged in bearing since 1958,ZYS was formerly known as Luoyang bearing research institute,which is the lead in China bearing industry, ZYS is manufacturers and suppliers of high quality bearing products and excellent service.