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Angular Contact Ball Bearing Plastic Cage

Angular Contact Ball Bearing Plastic Cage

ZYS set up a special department to be engaged in the research and development of plastic cages. Since 1968, ZYS developed five series and more than ten varieties of composite engineering plastic cage materials and cages. More than 200 models and nearly 50,000 pieces of cage materials are produced annually.



Angular contact ball bearing plastic cage uses glass fiber modified PA46, so it can bear the temperature from -40 to 150 ℃ and continuous use of 5000 hours at 150 ℃ and can still maintain excellent mechanical properties. Comparing with other heat-resistant plastics, it has longer service life, better fatigue resistance, better friction and wear resistance. Cage accuracy can reach P2, P4 grade bearing requirements.


It can be used in machine tool spindle, high frequency motor, steam turbine, centrifugal separator and so on. It can bear radial load and axial load at the same time. It can work at higher speed. It is mainly used in machine tool spindle, including spindle of CNC lathe, spindle of grinding machine and spindle of machining center and so on.

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