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Bearing Component

We have a complete range of bearing comprehensive technical supporting capacity in the bearing industry of China and reach the leading world level in many disciplines. We provide comprehensive advisory services in bearing industry for the state's important decision-making departments. ZYS provide bearing Components include Bearing Ring,Bearing Ball,Bearing Cage,Bearing Roller and some other bearing components. The quality of bearing components is high but the price is competitive.
  • Roller Production Line

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    Roller Production Line

    ZYS can not only provide high quality bearing products, but also provide customers with customized bearing heat treatment production line, bearing intelligent equipment production line, including Automatic Tapered Roller Production Line.Read More

  • Porous Polyimide Oily Material

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    Porous Polyimide Oily Material

    ZYS has the strong independent research and development ability, grasps core technology of the porous polyimide oily cage and material, and has successfully developed and applied in more than 150 kinds of bearing models. Annual batch production of porous polyimide oily cage...Read More

  • Modified PTFE Composites

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    Modified PTFE Composites

    ZYS is the earliest unit in China which developed and produced PTFE solid self-lubricating bearing cage materials for the space long March series rocket turbine pump engine, satellite detection infrared horizon sensor, and many other national key supporting projects. ZYS has...Read More

  • Bearing Cage

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    Bearing Cage

    The performance of ZYS Bearing cage varies with cage materials and molding technology. ZYS can supply all types of bearing cage to meet the requirements of different applications. ZYS developed the special cages for Missile special bearing, cages for satellite control...Read More

  • Bearing Roller

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    Bearing Roller

    ZYS offers all kinds of high precision,low noise,high service life bearing roller. The quality of bearing roller can compete to the imported ones.Read More

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Luoyang Bearing Science And Technology Co.,ltd.has been engaged in bearing since 1958,ZYS was formerly known as Luoyang bearing research institute,which is the lead in China bearing industry, ZYS is manufacturers and suppliers of high quality bearing products and excellent service.