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Lubricant is very important for the operation and service life of bearings, thus it is important to choose proper lubricant. ZYS can offer the lubricant with famous brands and high quality, and we will offer our suggestion of lubrication way and lubrication model and lubrication maintenance when you choose the zys bearing.
  • Antirust Oil for Bearing

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    Antirust Oil for Bearing

    ZYS Antirust Oil for Bearing Parts performance ZYS-203 anti rust oil has such advantages as thin, small using quantity, easy to clean, low rust prevention cost, etc. The rust prevention oil is suitable for mechanical parts of ferrous metal, e.g. bearings, gauge blocks,...Read More

  • Electrostatic Spraying Antirust Oil

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    Electrostatic Spraying Antirust Oil

    ZYS Electrostatic Spraying Antirust Oil Performance ZYS-206 electrostatic anti rust spray oil has good non-conductive and anti rust properties, which satisfy the regular work of electrostatic oiler. Luoyang Bearing has been engaged in electrostatic spraying antirust oil since...Read More

  • Decreasing Vibration Antirust Oil

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    Decreasing Vibration Antirust Oil

    ZYS Decreasing Vibration Antirust Oil Performance ZYS Decreasing Vibration Antirust Oil has the functions of lubrication and shock absorption. Such shock absorbing liquid is especially suitable for silent bearings and low-noise bearings. It can decrease the bearing vibration...Read More

Luoyang Bearing Science And Technology Co.,ltd.has been engaged in bearing since 1958,ZYS was formerly known as Luoyang bearing research institute,which is the lead in China bearing industry, ZYS is manufacturers and suppliers of high quality bearing products and excellent service.