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State Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Bearing

Besides all kinds of bearing products,bearing measuring machines are also our main products,which have been exported to India,Iran,Romania,Brazil and many other countries.Our main measuring machines include the instruments for measuring the dimension accuracy,roundness,profile and roughness of bearing parts,the instruments for inspecting bearing performance and other instruments used to automatically inspect and control various parameters during manufacturing process.These instruments are widely used in bearing workshops,inspection stations,measuring room and assembly factories.Carrying out inspection and test of the accuracy and performance parameters for various rolling bearings, knuckle bearings, bearings for linear movement, components of rolling bearings with inside diameter greater than 1.5 mm;

Testing of components for precision machinery;

Calibration of special inspection instruments and test equipment for bearings;

Providing services such as quality control, technical evaluation, consulting, training, etc. for products of bearing enterprises.

Performing services such as drafting and amendment of bearing product inspection standards, type test, arbitration inspection, international laboratory testing capabilities mutual recognition, etc.