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Bearing Measuring Equipment

Development Base of China Bearing Measuring Equipment
We have a range of patented and core technologies with respect to measurement of components and finished bearings. We won more than 20 prizes issued by the state, ministry and province. We have rich experience in bearing measuring equipment, and welcome you to contact us for the inquiry of bearing measuring equipment.
  • Profile Machine

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    Profile Machine

    XM200 surface profile measuring instrument Performance Absorbed the domestic and abroad advance experiences, XM200 surface profile measuring instrument has been improved in 2008, it gain the ministry of machine-building industry science and technology advancement prize,...Read More

  • Vibration Measuring Instrument

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    Vibration Measuring Instrument

    Single ball vibration measuring instrument performance 1. This instrument can assess bearing waviness and the comprehensive performance and quality of the steel ball. 2. Using speaker to monitorthe ball vibration and noise. 3. Another assessment way of bearing waviness...Read More

  • Roughness Measuring Instrument

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    Roughness Measuring Instrument

    laser roughness measuring instrument Performance ZYS had been successfully developed Series CU Laser roughness measuring instrument in the eighties, after ten years development, it forms serialization and is widely used in the bearings industry. Features • Non-contact...Read More

  • Bearing Axial Or Radial Clearance Measuring Instrument

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    Bearing Axial Or Radial Clearance Measuring Instrument

    Bearing Axial or Radial Clearance Measuring Instrument Performance Bearing radial clearance is an important indicator of bearing quality,it impacts on bearing vibration,noise and life expectancy.The instrument is the high precision and non load dynamic measuring...Read More

  • Online Measuring Instrument

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    Online Measuring Instrument

    1.Automatic Bearing Vibration Measuring Instrument Bearing Vibration reflect the overall quality of bearing, it will directly influence the performance of bearing. Therefore strict inspection on bearings must be executed in order to secure the quality of bearings. Existed...Read More

  • Degaussing Equipment

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    Degaussing Equipment

    ZYS have 50 years in the equipment technology,precision instruments, Technological achievements and talent advantages,more than 30 intermediate and senior technical staff,the company has been committed to the development and standard-setting in the field of the bearing...Read More

  • Bearing Induction Heaters

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    Bearing Induction Heaters

    Induction heaters Bearing is difficult to be installed to the shaft, in the case of interference fit or driving fit. Therefore, the bearing should be heated before installation, in order to make inner ring heat expansion. Bearing induction heater of GR series make the parts...Read More

  • Bearing Vibration Measuring Instrument

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    Bearing Vibration Measuring Instrument

    Bearing vibration measuring instrument Performance ZYS Vibration measuring instruments is divided into the bearing vibration measuring instrument and single ball vibration measuring instrument according to the type of products measured. Vibration and noise are the most...Read More

Luoyang Bearing Science And Technology Co.,ltd.has been engaged in bearing since 1958,ZYS was formerly known as Luoyang bearing research institute,which is the lead in China bearing industry, ZYS is manufacturers and suppliers of high quality bearing products and excellent service.