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Degaussing Equipment

ZYS have 50 years in the equipment technology,precision instruments, Technological achievements and talent advantages,more than 30 intermediate and senior technical staff,the company has been committed to the development and standard-setting in the field of the bearing processing...


ZYS has 50 years of experience in the production of Degaussing Equipment, technological achievements and talent advantages, more than 30 intermediate and senior technical staff. ZYS has been committed to the development and standard-setting in the field of Degaussing Equipment. ZYS has more than 60 patents.

Features of Degaussing Equipment:

1. Workpiece straight-line precision slide motion, more stable and reliable action.

2. The same equipment can complete the assembly of ultra micro products (steel ball less than 2mm), medium and large products.

3. Workpiece forced demagnetization, better demagnetization effect.

4. Fewer tooling design, easy to replace tooling

5. Wide range of applicable products

Technical parameters of Degaussing Equipment:

1. Automatic feeding of product conveyor belt

2. Independent demagnetization into a single demagnetization region

3. Demagnetization effect: outer diameter < 50mm, product residual magnetic < 3GAUS (0.3mT);

outer diameter > 50 mm, product remnant magnetic < 5GAUS (0.5mT).

4. Shift production: 6000- 8000 sets / 8 hours

5. Dimension: 500 (length) x 500 (width) x 800 (height)

6. Applicable product scope: outside diameter 10 ~ 110mm.

Luoyang Bearing has been engaged in degaussing equipment since 1958, and we are known as one of the leading bearing manufacturers and suppliers for our quality products and excellent services. Please rest assured to buy the good products from our factory.

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