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Double-row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Double-row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

ZYS cylindrical roller bearings belong to line contact,with high capacity and rigidity than angular contact ball bearings (including multiple sets of bearings).Therefore, ZYS cylindrical roller bearings are used in the medium,large scale machine tool with large load, high rigidity and low speed.


Double-row cylindrical roller bearing

Double-row cylindrical roller bearing used for lathe spindle etc. high speed and high stiffness application.

Three series of Double-row Cylindrical Roller Bearings:: NN30, NN49, NNU49

Features of Double-row Cylindrical Roller Bearings:

Both of the inner & outer ring and the roller are used high quality bearing steel.

Can choose bearing cage according to the specific application.

High performance PPS resin series or roller guide copper alloy cage.

Technical parameter of Double-row Cylindrical Roller Bearings:

ZYS cylindrical roller bearing type.jpg


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