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Railway Insulated Bearing

Railway Insulated Bearing

We have been engaged in research and development of Railway Insulated Bearing since 1958. ZYS has set up a scientific research workstation, and a strong world class experts team for Railway Insulated Bearing, whose main researches represent the technology developing direction of China bearing industry. So we bring you the Railway Insulated Bearing with best quality , high precision, reliable performance and strong durability.


Railway Insulated Bearing 

1. Railway Insulated Bearing/Insulation form


         (External insulation)                                       (Internal  insulation)  


2. Insulation material

Insulation material is Al2O3 with purity of 99.99% , and with high resistivity. Its dielectric strength is greater than 1000V / 0.1mm. In addition, aluminum oxide coating has good thermal shock resistance, good wear resistance, heat and corrosion resistance and other properties.

3. Insulation sealing technology of Railway Insulated Bearing

Sealing process is the process of using special sealing agent on the insulation layer of the special treatment. It will not reduce the performance of the insulation layer, and the insulation layer of the pores can be completely closed in order to improve the insulating performance of Railway Insulated Bearing and improve the adaptability of insulation layer to moisture and corrosion of the environment.

4. Railway Insulated Bearing performance

(1) resistance stability test;

(2) mechanical strength test;

(3) environmental adaptability test;

(4) withstand voltage test.

1.6.jpg       1.7.jpg

(Insulating bearings for subway traction motors)      (Insulating bearings for Locomotive axle box)


(Insulated bearings for trolley direct drive motors)  (Insulating bearings for locomotive traction motors)


Luoyang Bearing has been engaged in railway insulated bearing since 1958, and we are known as one of the leading bearing manufacturers and suppliers for our quality products and excellent services. Please rest assured to buy the good products from our factory.

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