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Special Weapon Bearing

ZYS has state-level technology center,professional bearing research and development center, so we can design and develop all kinds of special weapon bearings with special structure,special properties,special materials,special purpose of high precision. We have unique knowledge and experience for Special Weapon Bearing.


  1. High-precision navigation platform bearings can be divided into three types: marine navigation platform bearings, rocket-used navigation platform bearings and missile-used navigation platform bearings. These bearings must have long service life (more than ten years), high precision, high reliability, and excellent resistance to corrosion and impact. When the bearings are working at a low speed or swinging, the working or storage temperature is kept from -40℃ to +80℃.

    As for the model selection, generally, the bearings used on the attachment end are angular contact ball bearings, and the bearings used on the movable end are angular contact ball bearings or deep groove ball bearings.

    As for the ring thickness, the bearings with thin ring thickness and light weight are often used. The lubrication can be done by the bearing itself, which is normally for only once. It is required that the friction torque must be little and even, of which the coefficient of friction is about 0.0015.

    As for the matching of the bearings, in order to guarantee the consistency of the functions, it is required that the difference of the two contact angles of the two bearings in pairs should be less than 0.5°, and the difference between two diameters should be less than 2μm. The rigidities should be close.

    As for the installation, the bearings in pairs should be installed with preload which is calculated according to the quality of the navigation platform and the requirement of the rigidity of the bearings.

2. Bearing with Solid Lubricant can work within a wide temperature range. It has a strong ability to adapt the changes of temperature. It doesn't need to be sealed. It has a strong ability of resisting radiation. Its sliding speed will not influence the lubricating performance. It can adapt to working in vacuum and has the ability of protection against cold welding in vacuum. 


 • application in high temperature: above 250℃ 

• application in low temperature: below -70℃ 

• application in high vacuum: bearing with solid lubricant is better choice because the oil is volatile. • optics application: it can prevent the optics system from being polluted and guarantee the clarity of the image.

3. Special Corrosion-resistant and Anti-radiation Non-magnetic Bearing and Hybrid Construction Non-magnetic Bearing.These bearings have the functions of corrosion-resistance, heat-resistance, radiation-resistance, abrasive resistance. Without magnetism themselves, the bearings can work in high-intensity magnetic field. They are mainly used in the instruments, nuclear reactors and highly sensitive guidance systems. The non-magnetic materials of the bearings include: 0Cr40Ni55Al3, Cr23Ni28Mo5Ti3AlV (G52# Alloy), GH05 Alloy and so on.

Luoyang Bearing has been engaged in special weapon bearing since 1958, and we are known as one of the leading bearing manufacturers and suppliers for our quality products and excellent services. Please rest assured to buy the good products from our factory.

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