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3MTT4325 CNC High Speed Sphere Base Surface Grinding Machine for Tapered Roller(Grinding and Superfine Processing)
Dec 07, 2017

                          Brief Introduction of the Machine Tool

 1、The machine tool is mainly used for grinding the sphere base surface of tapered roller. The process of continuous grinding is adopted.


2、The machine tool is composed of the lathe bed parts, the upper chuck parts, the lower chuck parts, the sand wheel shaft seat parts, the sand wheel shaft seat adjusting parts, the protective parts, the cooling parts, the electrical parts, etc.

3、The material is forced-fed through the material tube. The workpiece is pressed into the upper and lower chucks, and the material separation plate. Roller rotate and revolve, enter into the grinding zone.


4、On the surface of the worktable, the oil stones of different sizes are arranged along the circumference of the disc. The pressure of the oil stone is driven by the cylinder, and the pressure is adjusted manually.


5、The integral bearing spindle is adopted for the grinding wheel shaft support of the machine tool. Two sets of angle contact ball bearings are installed in front and behind respectively. And the rear bearings adopt the spring constant pressure type pretension. When heated, the spindle stretches backward.