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3MTT4325 CNC High Speed Sphere Base Surface Grinding Machine for Tapered Roller(Grinding and Superfine Processing)
Dec 08, 2017

3MTT4325 CNC High Speed Sphere Base Surface Grinding Machine for Tapered Roller(Grinding and Superfine Processing)

6、1) The shaft seat of the sanding disc can be fine-tuned along the radial. 2) It can rotate a certain angle in the horizontal plane(Max. ) to find the position of the grinding wheel axis and to autogenously grind the working face of the upper and lower chunks, which will modify the grinding wheels. Both adjustments are manually done.

7、1) Feed compensation for grinding wheel is realized by cross rolling guide support, servo motor, reducer, and ball screw driver. Its stroke meets the working length of the grinding wheel; 2) Axially adjusted trailing board is designed at the bottom of the axle bed adjustment parts. It uses swallowtail sliding guide and is adjusted and locked manually.

8、The spindles of the upper chunk and material separation plate on the machine tool are supported by the angle contact bearings.

9、The rotation of the spindle of the upper chuck disc is supported by the motor, reducer and synchronous belt transmission; The upper end of the main shaft of the separation disks are equipped with adjustable handwheels. It is connected and disconnected to the upper spindle wheel through the end face gear clutch, which facilitates the grinding wheel adjustment and working face repairing before processing.

10、The main shaft assembly of the upper chuck plate is mounted on the upper disc axle seat, and is radially fixed and locked. The axle seat mounted on  the main shaft bracket of the bed , is supported by swallowtail sliding guide, and the hydraulic cylinder is driven.