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3MTT4325 CNC High Speed Sphere Base Surface Grinding Machine for Tapered Roller(Grinding and Superfine Processing)
Dec 06, 2017

       3MTT4325 CNC High Speed Sphere Base Surface Grinding Machine for Tapered Roller(Grinding and Superfine Processing)

Technical Parameters of Machine Tool


Processing Range

Diameter of Roller


SRRadius of Curvature of Sphere Base Surface of the Roller


rMaximum roller Conical Half Angle

2Specification of Grinding Wheel and Oil Stone

Diameter of Grinding Wheel


Height of Grinding Wheel


Thickness of Oil Stone


Width of Oil Stone


Length of Oil Stone


3Machine Tool Motion Parameters

4 Max. Speed of Grinding Wheel: 5000r/min (Servo Drive)

Max. Rotation Speed of Upper and Lower Disk: 350 r/min (Frequency Control)

Min. Grinding Wheel Compensates Feed Quantity: 0.001mm

The Maximum Motion Quantity of the Upper Disk: 200mm

5The Cicle Time of Processing: 260 Grain/Min (Average)            

6Machining Precision: Pendulum≤0.001mm, Roughness≤Ra0.08 um, SR Error≤1%

7External Dimension of the Main Engine (Length*Width*Height): 1850X1600X1400mm

8Total Power of Machine Tool: 15Kw

Brief Introduction of the Machine Tool           

      Weight of the Main Engine: 2000Kg


1、The machine tool is mainly used for grinding the sphere base surface of tapered roller. The process of continuous grinding is adopted.


2、The machine tool is composed of the lathe bed parts, the upper chuck parts, the lower chuck parts, the sand wheel shaft seat parts, the sand wheel shaft seat adjusting parts, the protective parts, the cooling parts, the electrical parts, etc.