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3MZ6030CNC High Precision Outer Diameter Center-less Grinding Machine(Full closed-loop)
Dec 11, 2017


3MZ6030CNC High Precision Outer Diameter Center-less Grinding Machine(Full closed-loop)



1、 机床主要特点

Main Features of the Machine Tool

1.1控制系统采用德国 SIMEENS -828D(绝对值)数控系统(也可根据用户需求选用其他数控系统),导轮进刀设有德国海德汉HEIDENHAIN高精度光栅尺实现全闭环控制;

The control system adopts the German SIMEENS -828D (absolute value) numerical control system (and other CNC systems can also be selected according to user's requirement). The guide wheel feed is equipped with a high precision raster ruler of German HEIDENHAIN to realize complete closed-loop control.


Grinding wheel linear speed can be set at 20-70m/s at random, constant linear speed grinding.


With self - carrying automatic grinding device, the machine tool is able to grind automatically.


When machining tapered roller, the guide wheel, guide plate and Xianfeng XF004 are commonly used, for the convenience of userstooling management.


The machine tool is equipped with multiple safety protection device. After the tapered roller enters the guide wheel and before it comes to the grinding zone, there is anti-inversion mechanism. Besides, the machine tool can stop automatically.