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Access to Data and Alerts
Dec 20, 2017

Condition Monitoring information shall be securely accessible on computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere with broadband internet access


Access to the information shall be passcode protected to a recognised industry standard and shall be of hierarchical in nature depending on the administrative position/privilege of the accessing client.


Email/SMS Text alerts shall be provided when problems arise (with an option to provide text alerts to cellular phones).

The software shall escalate the urgent alerts to successive end users in the event of acknowledge of the alert not being confirmed by its first intended recipient.

        Safety in design of system:


Sensor node shall be Rolling stock mounted to ensure repeated and frequent monitoring so as to identify faults at the earliest opportunity, avoid missed events and allow reliable trending of condition information.


Vibration sensors shall be provided for with auto calibration and temperature and humidity variation compensation for added accuracy, reliability and safety.


An escalation mechanism shall be provided to support alert acknowledgement and ensure response in the event of high level alerts.


An audit trail shall be available to monitor and record website activity as well as data concentrator logs.


System shall be capable of self-monitoring for faults at least once in 24 hours.