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Access to Data and Alerts
Dec 20, 2017

Condition Monitoring information shall be securely accessible on computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere with broadband internet access在宽带互联网接入的任何地方,计算机、平板电脑或智能手机都可以安全地访问状态监测信息。


Access to the information shall be passcode protected to a recognised industry standard and shall be of hierarchical in nature depending on the administrative position/privilege of the accessing client.按照公认的行业标准,对信息的访问应受密码保护,并且根据访问客户端的管理位置/权限,在本质上是分层的。


Email/SMS Text alerts shall be provided when problems arise (with an option to provide text alerts to cellular phones).当出现问题时,应提供电子邮件/ SMS文本警报(有向手机提供文本警报的选项)。


The software shall escalate the urgent alerts to successive end users in the event of acknowledge of the alert not being confirmed by its first intended recipient.该软件应将紧急警报升级为连续的终端用户,以确认警报未被其第一个预期接收者确认。


        Safety in design of system:系统设计的安全性


Sensor node shall be Rolling stock mounted to ensure repeated and frequent monitoring so as to identify faults at the earliest opportunity, avoid missed events and allow reliable trending of condition information.传感器节点应该安装在车辆上,以确保重复和频繁地监测,以便尽早发现故障,避免错过事件,并容许状态信息的可靠趋势。


Vibration sensors shall be provided for with auto calibration and temperature and humidity variation compensation for added accuracy, reliability and safety.振动传感器应配备自动校准温度湿度变化校正装置,以增加准确性、可靠性和安全性


An escalation mechanism shall be provided to support alert acknowledgement and ensure response in the event of high level alerts.应提供一种升级机制,以支持警报确认,并确保在发生高级别警报时作出响应


An audit trail shall be available to monitor and record website activity as well as data concentrator logs.审计跟踪应用于监控和记录网站活动以及数据集中器记录


System shall be capable of self-monitoring for faults at least once in 24 hours.系统应能至少24小时内对故障进行一次自我监测