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Adjustment and Usage of Spherical Ball Bearing Radial Clearance Measuring Instrument
Jun 21, 2018

1) Open the upper cover of the instrument load box, and install the big and small loads from the accessory box, and the small load should be on the side of detachable cam. Then according to the type of tested bearing, find suitable pull rod, replaceable sleeve, and replaceable washer.

2) Install pull rod, sleeve, tested bearing, washer, and install comparable instrument.

3) Adjust the positions of the two loads (One is large, and the other is small) according to the size and model of the tested bearing. Scale marks 5, 10, and 15 mean the loading values. When using 5-10 kg load, the small load cam should be removed. When using 15 kg load, both sets of loads should be added and the two load blocks are located at the corresponding numerical scale line of the two load bars.

4) Rotating the handle for load transfer and adjusting the upper and lower brackets on the cylinder according to the range of the motion of the cylinder so that the load can be correctly pressed to the upper and lower center fulcrum of the tested bearing through the pressure roll on the bracket. Axial contact parallelism between roller and bearing can be fine-tuned through the two upper and lower quadrilateral screws.

5) After the above adjustment, pulling the load transfer handle, so that the tested bearing can be loaded up and down alternately, and the clearance value can be read from the comparator's value.