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Advantages of Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
Dec 29, 2017


Advantages of Hybrid Ceramic Bearing


混合陶瓷轴承可能比较不常见,而混合陶瓷轴承主要配置是由内外圈轴承钢/不锈钢+陶瓷球+PA66/不锈钢保持器 +2RS/ZZ组合而成的。混合陶瓷轴承在使用过程中具有以下四大优点。

Hybrid ceramic bearings may be less common. The main configuration of the hybrid ceramic bearing is made from the combination of the inner and outer bearing steel / stainless steel + ceramic ball +PA66/ stainless steel maintainer +2RS/ZZ. Hybrid ceramic bearings have the following four advantages in use.


(1) 、耐温高,陶瓷球热膨胀系数小,在高温环境下不会因为温度的原因导致轴承球膨胀,这样大大提高了整个轴承的使用温度,普通轴承的温度在160度左右,陶瓷球的可以达到220度以上。

( 1 ) High temperature resistance. The thermal expansion coefficient of the ceramic ball is small. The bearing ball will not expand because of the temperature in the high temperature environment. This greatly improves the use temperature of the whole bearing. The temperature of the ordinary bearing is about 160 degrees, and the ceramic ball can reach more than 220 degrees.

(2) 、转速高,陶瓷球具有无油自润滑属性,陶瓷球摩擦系数小,所以陶瓷球轴承具有很高的转速.统计采用陶瓷球的轴承是一般轴承的转速1.5倍以上的转速。

(2) High speed. Ceramic ball has no oil self - lubricating properties. The friction coefficient of ceramic ball is small, so ceramic ball bearing has very high rotational speed. According to statistics, the bearing of ceramic ball is the speed of more than 1.5 times of the speed of the general bearing.

(3) 、寿命长,陶瓷球可以不加任何油脂,也就是说即使油脂干掉,轴承还是可以运作的,这样就避免了普通轴承中因为油脂干掉导致的轴承过早损坏现象的发生.据我们测试以及一些客户的反馈使用陶瓷球后的轴承的使用寿命是普通轴承的2-3倍。

(3)Long life span. Ceramic balls can be added without any grease. That is to say, even if the oil is dry, the bearing can be operated. In this way, the premature damage of bearings caused by grease removal in ordinary bearings can be avoided. According to our tests and some customers feedback , the service life of bearings after using ceramic balls is 2 - 3 times that of plain bearings.



(4) Insulation. The bearing of the ceramic ball can insulate the inner and outer races of the bearing. Because the ceramic ball is an insulator , ceramic balls are used between the inner and outer rings of the bearing , so that the insulation effect can be achieved. This allows the bearing to be used in an electrically conductive environment . This is also the best advantage of hybrid ceramic bearings.