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Advantages of using oil and grease for rolling bearings
Feb 02, 2018

I. The advantages of using smooth oil for rolling bearings:

1. Under certain operating standards, the starting torque and conflict loss of smooth oil are significantly smaller than that of smooth grease.

2. The smooth oil takes the heat away in the cycle and then reaches cooling effect, so it can make the bearing reach a relatively high speed of transition.

3. It can ensure to reach a relatively high operating temperature.

4. When changing grease, it is necessary to disassemble the connecting parts. However, we do not need to do it this when we use oil to smooth.

5. It is suitable to use smoothing oil for the bearings in the reducer, because it can smooth gear and bearing together by splashing.

6. The smooth grease in the bearing is gradually stained by the product of wear, abrasive, soaked through the product of the sealing equipment and self-aging. If it can not be changed timely, it will accelerate wear and tear of bearing; but when using liquid smoothing agent, it can be filtered to ensure that it works properly.


II. The advantage of using smooth grease for rolling bearings:

1. For single bearing point, we need to refuel oil with hands. If we change grease, it will be easier and also can avoid the trouble caused by lack of oil.

2. The grease itself has sealing effect.

3. It has been proved that in a certain speed range(n < 20000rrmin or DN < 20000mm.r / min), the lithium-base grease smoothing has lower temperature rise and longer bearing service life than the oil dripping method.