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Bearing finished product specifications
Dec 26, 2016

1, finished sizes and tolerances for running accuracy of the bearing should be consistent with GB/T307.1, JB/T10336 and the Protocol requirements.

2, residual magnetism requirement should meet the requirements of JB/T6641 standard

3, bearing clearance requirements: we require detection of axial clearance, inspection equipment for X193 and load 20KG, load 10KG. Common type of axial clearance standard as shown in table 1, table 1 product that is not listed in the axial clearance standards required in the approval of our confirmation before processing.

4, bearing cleanliness

After cleaning the rust-proof of finished bearings, its cleanliness allowed the average amount of each pollutant according to JB/T7050 standards.

5, finished bearing rotation flexibility

After demagnetization cleaning, the bearing should be rotated flexibility and adjustment mind checking. Light, flexible, smooth rotation requirements, to retain a considerable duration, there is no excessive vibration and sudden braking. During the rotation process should have no sizzle, including dust impact sound of sizzle and cage-free. Adjusting well, do not allow steel ball dropped from the retainer pocket hole.

6, roughness. The surface roughness of bearing rings should conform to the drawings, not marked on the drawings shall meet the requirements GB/T 307.3.

7, bearing Assembly