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Bearing heater working principle
Dec 05, 2018

The bearing heater consists of the host and control equipment.

Bearing heater working principle:

1. Short-circuit heating: The host is a kind of special-structure transformer. The movable yoke is used to directly pass the sleeve bearing or other heated workpiece. During operation, the main power supply of the bearing heater is turned on, and the short-circuit current is induced in the workpiece and then is heated.

2. Place the yoke on the end face of the host core.

3. Check the wiring connection between the plug and the socket. The grounding should be good, and then insert the plug into the power socket with the control switch.

4. Turn the function selection switch to the manual position and close the power supply. At this time, the red indicator light is on.

5. Press the start button, the host is powered on; then the green indicator light is red and the red light is off; press the stop button, the red light is on and the green light is off. Then, the programming is completed and ready for use.