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Bearing the appearance of quality requirements
Dec 26, 2016

1, axle bearing parts are not allowed to have cracks, sharp edges, burrs, rust; roller process on machine marks are not allowed; cones, ultra fine grain steel ball working face should be uniform, scrapes, bumps are not allowed;

2, grinding parts mating surfaces of the bearing lines should be consistent rules, screw threads are not allowed, chatter, and face and grinding marks, printing is not allowed and the obvious measurement of trace, bump hurt and obvious color difference is not allowed.

3, surface oxide skin is not allowed. Rings, inner and outer diameter, outside diameter of chamfer lighting is required to handle.

4, after pickling, the bearing ring part, work surfaces should not be burned, mating surfaces should not be without pickling visible burn marks and does not affect the hardness testing.

5, Assembly chamfer.

A. Assembly chamfer dimensions, angular shape should conform to the drawings of our products provide.

B. chamfer bump and wound surface.

6, steel ball

Steel ball appearance quality standards shall conform to the requirements of JB/T10861 standard.

7, cage

Appearance of the surface should be flat and smooth, Burr-free, no bumps, no rust and visible chromatic aberration, bruising, contusions, deformation is not allowed and appearance defects such as trachoma.