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Characteristics of CNC Machine tools Part Two
Feb 28, 2018

IV. High productivity

CNC machine tools can effectively reduce the machining time and auxiliary time of parts. The spindle speed and feed of CNC machine tools have a wide range, allowing the machine tools to carry out strong cutting with large cutting amount. The fast moving, positioning, high speed cutting of moving parts of CNC machine tools can reduce the turnover time between the semi-finished products and improve the production efficiency.

V. Improvement of working conditions

After adjusting the CNC machine tool before machining, input the program and start, the machine tool can automatically and continuously process until the end of the machining. The operator is mainly in charge of the program input, editing, loading and unloading parts, tool preparation, the observation of machining state, inspection of parts and so on. The labor intensity greatly reduced, and the labor of machine tool operators tend to intellectual work. In addition, machine tools are generally closed processing, so it is clean and safe.


VI. Modernization of production management

The machining of CNC machine tool can accurately estimate the processing time. The cutter and fixture used can be standardized and modernized . The CNC machine tool uses digital signal and standard code for controlling information, which is easy to realize standardization of machining information . It has been organically combined with CAD / CAM and it is the basis of modern integrated manufacturing technology.