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Classification of CNC bearing heaters
Mar 13, 2018

With the prosperous development of economy, heavy industry and light industry have developed at an unprecedented speed. In many fields of Industrial field,

CNC bearing heater has unique function and powerful characteristics and becomes a necessary equipment in the factory. What are the notable features of this CNC bearing heater?

CNC bearing heaters are divided into two types: stainless steel ceramic CNC bearing heaters and stainless steel mica electric heating rings. 

Stainless steel ceramic numerical control bearing heater uses the method of ceramic strip. The stainless steel ceramic CNC bearing heaters has the advantages of high working temperature, fast heat-transfer speed, convenient installation, high heating efficiency, environmental protection, safe and reliable operation, uniform and accurate heating position. Therefore, it can be used in materials and equipment of extrusion, high pouring temperature, high surface load, such as extruder, film blowing machine.

Stainless steel mica electric heating ring is a numerical control bearing heater with natural mica as insulation layer and stainless steel as outer layer of conduction heat.  It can heat small materials or larger equipment, such as plastic barrel. This type of CNC bearing heater has more reasonable structure, more stable performance, faster heat dissipation, better insulation. It also can be used in injection molding machine, extruder and other plastic molding equipment.