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Common damage forms of bearings and Preventive measures I
Apr 16, 2018

Bearing will be damaged after a certain period of time, but this kind of damage can not be damaged at one time; there is a process. Generally speaking, there are mainly the following forms of damage.

1. Foreign matters

Foreign matter enters the bearing during use of the bearing, resulting in bearing failure. Common foreign matters include hard particle contaminants, contaminant pits, particulate contaminants, and cage. For example, in the process of bearing assembly, hard foreign matter or other particles, such as iron shavings, entered into the bearing. Typically, the improper cleaning of the bearing before assembly, incomplete filtration of the equipment, or the wear of the equipment itself will lead to foreign matter entering the equipment. The bearing must be cleaned and degaussed before the assembly to prevent the bearing from entering the assembly process due to residual magnetic force and inclusion of iron cutting. At the same time, during the use of the equipment, we need pay attention to oil filter and the sealing equipment of the equipment.