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Common damage forms of bearings and Preventive measures II
Apr 17, 2018

2. Corrosion or erosion

During the use of the bearing, the phenomenon of peeling of the bearing surface occurs. The most common phenomenon is the surface peeling of the roller gap, the orrosion of the outer ring raceway, erosion, orrosion. This type of damage usually happens in open or semi-open equipment. The bearings are often not in a closed space, causing the bearings to come into contact with corrosive liquids such as water during use. The wear or damage of sealing of equipment will also cause the enter of the corrosive liquid.

3. Insufficient lubrication

During the use of bearing, bearing damage usually occurred because of insufficient lubrication, such as the deformation of the raceway due to overheating, peeling, scratching of the raceway end face, whole lock of the bearing, and scratching of the rib and the roller end face. These damages are usually caused by improper choice of grease, low flow rates and high operating temperatures. In order to solve some problems, the lubrication method and conditions of the bearing are very important. It is necessary to select the appropriate qualified lubricant, and at the same time, to perform cooling treatment on some high-temperature equipment, such as adding of the cooling fan.