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Common damage forms of bearings and Preventive measures III
Apr 18, 2018

4. Fatigue spalling

Due to long service life of the bearing, fatigue peeling phenomenon sometimes happens, such as fatigue spalling of cylindrical roller bearing,  peeling of the surface convex objects, fatigue peeling of ball bearing inner ring, geometric stress concentration peeling. These problems are mainly caused by high load, stress eccentricity and stress concentration during the operation of the bearings.Therefore, in the course of bearing use, we should avoid eccentricity and stress concentration during the installation and operation.

5. Excessive preload, overload and yield extension

Bearings may experience excessive preload, overload, and yield extension during use due to various reasons, including bearing roller cracking, peeling, yield extension of bearing outer ring and cracking of outer ring sub-surface. These problems are mainly caused by bearing overload, bearing eccentricity and improper assembly of the bearing during assembly. Therefore, bearings must be designed to avoid the overload of the bearing and to control the mounting eccentricity of the bearing through proper assembly.