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Common damage forms of bearings and Preventive measures IV
Apr 19, 2018

6. Eccentricity

Bearings will occur eccentricity during use due to various reasons. It is mainly reflected in irregular roller track, the spalling of geometric stress and the stress concentration of the bearing outer ring. These phenomenas are mainly caused by the high load operation of the bearing, the deformation of the shaft or bearing housing, and the inaccuracy of the bearing housing or shaft machining accuracy. Thus we have to improve the accuracy of the shaft or bearing housing to increase the service life of the bearing.

7. Operation damage

Bearing installation process is very important, because it effects the bearing life to a certain extent.Operation damage mainly reflected in the outer ring pit, the cracked inner ring edge, the outer raceway edge damage and the surface crack of roller spacing.These phenomena are mainly due to the improper selection of tools (such as the use of high hardness tools to install bearings) and incorrect operation during the assembly of bearings. We should choose the right tools in the bearing installation process to avoid the use of high-hardness tools, but also avoid some wrong installation operation.