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Common damage forms of bearings and Preventive measures V
Apr 20, 2018

8. Cage damage

Cage damage is one of the common ways of bearing damage, and its damage is mainly reflected in the deformation of the cage, the skew of the roller, the bending of the cage beam, and the deep indentation of the cage. These phenomena is mainly caused by improper operation of the bearing in the assembly process, improper selected tools in the assembly, or problems with the procedure for assembling the bearing, and the bearing being subjected to external force during use. We must control the protection of the bearing during the assembly process and pay attention to the maintenance and the prevention of overloading during the use of the bearing.

9. Emboss and mismatch

In the process of bearing damage, emboss and mismatch are one of the modes of damage. The main forms of damage are partial spalling, scratches caused by emboss on the bearing seat, metal tear and wear, and sharp holes. Therefore, during the manufacturing process of the bearing, we should ensure the roundness of the cylindrical roller or rolling body, and at the same time, the smoothness of the roller should be ensured.