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Common faults and solutions for CNC machine tool spindles I
Nov 26, 2018

Problem one: the spindle without frequency conversion does not turn

The cause of the failure and the solution:

1 Mechanical transmission failure: Check whether the driving belt is broken or whether the machine tool is in neutral.

2 Three-phase power supply to the spindle is missing or inverting: Check the power supply and exchange any two power lines.

3 Wrong circuit connection: Carefully refer to the circuit connection manual to ensure that the connection is correct.

4 The system has no corresponding spindle control signal output: use the multimeter to measure the system signal output terminal. If there is no spindle control signal output, you need to replace the relevant IC components or send it to the factory for maintenance.

5 The system has the corresponding spindle control signal output, but there is an open circuit or component damage in the power supply line and the control signal output line: use the multimeter to check the power supply circuit between the system and the spindle motor, and whether there is an open circuit in the signal control circuit; whether contact between the wires is not good; whether AC contactor or DC relay is damaged; check if the thermal relay is overcurrent; check if the fuse is burnt.