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Common faults and solutions for CNC machine tool spindles II
Nov 28, 2018

Problem two: the spindle with the inverter does not turn

The cause of the failure and the solution:

1. Mechanical transmission failure: Check whether the driving belt is broken or whether the machine tool is in neutral.

2. Three-phase power supply to the spindle is missing: Check the power supply and exchange any two power lines.

3. The inverter control parameters of the CNC system are not open: see the system manual to understand the inverter parameters and change them.

4. Line connection error between the system and the inverter: Check the connection manual of the system and the inverter to ensure the connection is correct.

5. The analog voltage output is not normal: Check whether the analog voltage output by the system is normal with a multimeter; check whether the analog voltage signal line connection is correct or the contact is good, and the analog voltage received by the inverter matches.

6. High-voltage control part is disconnected or component is damaged: Check whether the connection of each contact of the spindle power supply is reliable and whether the DC relay is damaged or the fuse is burnt out.

7. Inverter parameters are not adjusted: The inverter contains control mode selection, which is divided into inverter panel control spindle mode, NC system control spindle mode, etc. If NC system control mode is not selected, we can not control spindle with system; check if the relevant parameter settings are reasonable or change them if necessary.