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Common faults and solutions for CNC machine tool spindles III
Nov 29, 2018

Problem three: the rotating speed of the spindle without frequency conversion (shift spindle) is not controlled

The cause of the failure and the solution:

1. System has no S01-S04 control signal output: Check whether the system has shift control signal output. If no, it is system failure, replace the IC or send the factory for repair.

2. Connection line failure: If the system hasshift control signal output, check whether there is any open circuit or poor contact on each connection line, and check whether the DC relay or AC contactor is damaged.

3. The spindle motor is damaged or open circut : Check the spindle motor.

4. Machine is not linked: hang up the gear.

Problem four: the spindle has no brake

The cause of the failure and the solution:

1. Abnormal brake circuit or strong electrical components damage: Check whethr bridge stack, fuse or AC contactor is damaged; check if the high-voltage circuit is open.

2. Braking time is not long enough: adjust the braking time parameter of the system or inverter.

3. System has no brake signal output: replace internal components or send to the factory for repair.

4. The inverter control parameters are not adjusted: Check the inverter manual and set the inverter parameters correctly.