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Common faults and solutions for CNC machine tool spindles IV
Nov 30, 2018

Problem five:The spindle stops immediately after starts.

The cause of the failure and the solution:

1. System output pulse time is not enough: adjust the system's M code output time.

2. The inverter is in jog state: Refer to the instruction manual of the inverter and set the parameters.

3. The control components of the spindle line are damaged: check whether the contacts on the circuit are in good contact, check whether the DC relay is damaged which caused the contact can not self-lock. 

4. The spindle motor is short-circuited, causing thermal relay protection: find the cause of the short circuit and reset the thermal relay.

5. The spindle control loop does not have self-locking circuit, and the parameter is set to pulse signal output, so that the spindle can not operate normally: change the start and stop parameters of the system control spindle to the level control mode.

Problem six: the spindle rotation can not stop

The cause of the failure and the solution:

1. AC contactor or DC relay is damaged and uncontrollable: replace AC contactor or DC relay.