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Configuration type of common rolling mill bearings
Dec 13, 2018

(1) Spherical roller bearings.  The configuration of the early rolling mill bearings on the rolling mill is different from the present. At that time, two sets of spherical roller bearings were mainly installed side by side on the same roller neck. This configuration basically meets the production conditions at that time, and the rolling speed can reach 600 rpm.

(2) Four-row cylindrical roller bearing + thrust bearing. The inner diameter of the cylindrical roller bearing is tightly matched with the roll neck, and it can bear radial force.  The cylindrical roller bearing has advantages of large load capacity, high limit speed, high precision, easy processing, low production cost, convenient installation and disassembly and the inner and outer rings can be separated.  The thrust bearing bears axial force, and the specific structure type can be selected according to the characteristics of the rolling mill. While for heavy-duty low-speed, we can equip with thrust roller bearings to withstand the thrust load with a small axial clearance. When the rolling speed is high, it is equipped with angular contact ball bearings so that speed limit is high and the axial clearance can be controlled. This type of bearing configuration not only has long bearing life, high reliability, but also has many advantages such as high precision and easy control of rolling products. Therefore, it is widely used in wire rod mills, sheet mills, foil mills, and support rolls for cold rolling mills and hot rolling mills.

(3). Four-row tapered roller bearings. The tapered roller bearings can withstand both radial and axial forces, and no need to configure thrust bearings. The inner diameter of the tapered roller bearing is loosely matched with the roll neck. It is very convenient to install and disassemble, but sometimes it will cause sliding creep due to the loose fit. Therefore, the inner diameter is often processed with a spiral oil groove. This type of configuration is widely used in the working roll of four-roll hot rolling mill and a cold rolling mill, and roll for blanking machine, steel beam rolling mill.