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Current Flaw Detector
Dec 15, 2017

This eddy current flaw detector is a new generation of roller on-line testing equipment, which has the function of on-line eddy current inspection. It fills the blank of the on-line inspection of rollers in China. The defective rollers, such as cracks, holes, black skin and unevenness of chamfering, can be eliminated automatically.

I. Main Parameters

1、Flaw detection size: Outer diameter 8-30mm, length 12-45mm(Double probe for sizes over 25mm) 

2、Flaw detection beat: 50-110 pieces/min

3、Crack width of flaw detection: > 0.1mm

4、Qualification rate of flaw detection: ≥99%

5、Power: 220V/50Hz

6、plant capacity : 1.5Kw

7、Maximum working force of pneumatic system: 0.4Mpa

8、External Dimension (Length *width*height): 1300X900X1600mm

9、Weight of equipment: 500Kg

II. Structure and Function

1This equipment mainly consists of flaw detection area, the hardness testing area, the unqualified product kicking area, the electrical control parts and so on.

2、Flaw detection area: It is composed of the feeding parts, the test roll rod, and the test head mounting parts. The tapered roller falls from the feeding parts to the inspection roller, a spiral double support structure. The spiral guide roller drives the tapered roller to rotate through the testing head of the eddy current flaw detector, enabling that the tapered roller is being tested one by one. At the exit of the roller bar, there is a 50-millimeter-long inspecion area for the testing head, used to determine the direction of the test crack seam fluctuation. The mounting parts of the probe are respectively driven by the upper and lower screws, stepper motor, and horizontal screw. The stepper motor drives the probe to move up and down and horizontally to determine the calibration and positioning

3、Hardness testing area:Consisting of a hardness detection cover and a fixed seat. The tapered rollers gradually pass through the hardness test cover from the rollers, and the tapered roller hardness data is extracted by the detection cover.

4Unqualified products kicking area: Consisting of the kicking cylinder and the receiving box. An electric control valve enables the piston of the kicking cylinder to remove the unqualified tapered rollers, and the unqualified tapered rollers are collected by receiving box.

5、Electrical control unitComposed of electronic control part, data reading part of the testing head, display screen support and so on. The electronic control part consisting of electrical components, PLC touch screen, and electronic control components, controlling rotation of guide roller , movement of testing head and the kicking cylinder. The reading part of the testing head is made up of the graphics card, the data conversion card, the power supply, the mouse, and the display screen and so on. The measured data is reflected on the display screen by the data conversion card, and the data can be changed on the display screen by the mouse, so that the test requirements can be met. The display screen is fixed on the bracket, and the bracket can be swirled 360 degrees in the horizontal direction.