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Design feature of CNC ball bearing inner ring groove grinder
Jul 06, 2018

1. Bed body castings: Bed body castings are made of HT200 material and is cast by precision resin sand. After secondary aging treatment, its surface is smooth and beautiful. It is of good vibration absorption and is not easy to deform.

2. Control system: PLC + position control module. Double servo control workpiece feed and grinding wheel dressing compensation mechanism respectively.

3. Man-machine interface: Touch screen. Screen setting includes automatic, manual, long repair, origin, alarm, parameters, and I/O points.

4. Feed system: Using servo motor + ball wire rod + cross roller guide rail with high precision and rigidity. The precision of repeated positioning is 1 μ m. Adopting tangential grinding method. The guide rail is lubricated with grease. The feed rate is adjustable at 0.001-10mm / sec during processing. The feed resolution is 0.001mm and the repetition precision is 0.001mm. The ball screw is lubricated by grease.

5. Workpiece spindle: Adopting sleeve type structure. The bearing adopts high precision and high rigidity spindle bearing, and is lubricated with grease. Spindle sealing adopts gas seal structure. Radial runout of spindle flange ≤ 3 μ m, axial runout ≤ 2 μ m. Workpiece box does not rotate.