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Effect of lubrication on rolling bearing
Mar 20, 2018

In order to make rolling bearings operate reliably, adequate lubrication must be applied to prevent direct metal contact between the rolling body, raceway and cage, because direct metal contact will result in wear and corrosion on the bearing surface. Therefore, it is very important to choose proper lubricant and lubrication mode in various bearing applications. According to the difference of lubricant, the lubrication of bearing can be divided into two types: grease lubrication and oil lubrication. The purpose of rolling bearing lubrication is to form a thin oil film on the rolling surface and rolling surface of the bearing to prevent direct contact between metal and metal.


The effects of lubrication on rolling bearings are as follows:

 Reduce friction and wear. Prevent metal contact, reduce friction and wear in the contact zones of ring, rolling body and cage.

Prolong fatigue life. In rotation, the contact surface of rolling body is lubricated well, then the fatigue life of bearing is prolonged. On the contrary, the viscosity of oil is low and the thickness of lubricating oil film is not good, then the fatigue life of bearing is shortened.