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Extension of the TIMKEN bearing life saving measures
Dec 26, 2016

1 installation: TIMKEN bearing installation is correct, that affect precision, long life and performance. Therefore, the design for bearing installation and Assembly departments to fully study. Therefore, when we install bearing to strictly follow the installation steps to install bearing to prevent bearing damage.

2 align, alignment: TIMKEN bearings after installation, if not carefully align, alignment can lead to bearing subjected to additional loads, friction and vibration. These might accelerate fatigue and reduced bearing service life, and may damage the other machine parts used the term. In addition, increased vibration and friction can greatly increase energy consumption and risk of premature failure.

3 monitoring: during use, TIMKEN bearing often monitor the operation of external conditions, such as temperature measurement, vibration and sound, and so on. These regular inspection will identify potential problems early and avoid unexpected machine stops, allowing production to reach, improve plant productivity and efficiency.

4 lubricate again: in the course of operation, asked the right lubrication of bearings, perfect performance. Bearing lubrication method is divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. For TIMKEN bearings better function, first select the appropriate conditions of use, the use of objective methods of lubrication. If we only consider the lubrication oil lubrication lubrication advantage.

5 removal: when TIMKEN bearings will be reached when it is the end use of the term, it should be replaced. While TIMKEN bearings can no longer be used, but correctly remove the bearings, replace new bearings in a timely manner, the new extension of the service life of bearings can play a good role in promoting.