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Factors affecting the performance of ZYS Spindle
Mar 12, 2018

Heating of spindle is the factor which effects the operation precision of ZYS spindle. The internal heat source of the spindle comes from two aspects: 1. the heating of the spindle bearing; 2. the heating of the motor in the spindle.

Solving the motor heating problem needs the cooling motor stator, which can be realized by circulating water cooling method to take away the heat of the motor; to solve the heating problem of the spindle bearing, it is necessary to take away the heat generated from the operation of the bearing in time.

Traditional thin oil lubrication is to transport a large amount of lubricating oil and then achieve invasive lubrication; at the same time, lubricating oil will take the heat away. There are disadvantages of this lubrication way. One is the waste of a large amount of lubricating oil; the other is that the lubricating oil produces a large amount of circulating heat by friction between the molecules of the lubricating oil and the pipeline during the cycle, which causes the oil temperature to rise. The lubricating oil can not only not play a good cooling effect, but also lead to the increase of bearing temperature, which is not conducive to the performance of spindle bearings. Therefore, eliminating the friction heat between molecules in liquid is the key to solve the problem. 

Practice shows that oil-gas lubrication can fundamentally avoid the occurrence of this situation. First, oil-gas lubrication provides a small amount of lubricating oil to meet the requirements of the bearing. Secondly, oil-gas lubrication does not produce heat from molecular friction of lubricating oil, while clean compressed air takes away the heat produced by bearings and keeps the spindle running at a stable temperature. This can effectively solve the problem of thermal deformation caused by the rise of temperature.