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Features of Needle roller bearings
Sep 30, 2018

Features of Needle roller bearings:

  • In fact, needle bearings are cylindrical roller bearings with long slim rollers (acc. to ISO, the roller length is min. 2.5 diameter)

  • Show small installation height, high accuracy and rigidity

  • Despite their low cross section, the bearings have a high load rating and are therefore very suitable for seating where radial dimensions are limited

  • Used, above all, for low speeds or swinging movements; also suitable for fluctuating and surge loads

  • Cannot retain any axial forces, however, allow axial misalignment of the rings

  • One or both rings may be omitted to reduce the installation height; however, seating surfaces on the shaft must then be hardened and machined carefully

  • Show high requirements for alignment of the journal and bearing body, the maximum permissible tilting angle is 3-4'

  • Delivered also with seals