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Full ceramic bearings are not hybrid bearings
Dec 18, 2018

Usually, people thought that bearings are actually hybrid bearings. So, today we will talk about the difference between full ceramic bearings and hybrid bearings? 

Ceramic Bearings

Full ceramic bearings consist of ceramic rings, ceramic balls, and synthetic cage made from PEEK or PTFE material or no cage at all. They are highly resistant to acids and alkalis, so they are suitable for corrosive environments. Silicon nitride (Si3N4) bearings can be heated to temperatures of 800°C without cage.

Full ceramic bearings are also non-magnetic, so they can be used in medical devices for strong magnetic field. However, the greater hardness of ceramic bearings also means greater brittleness, so they can not bear shock load. 

Hybrid bearings

Hybrid bearings are a mixture of ceramic and steel materials. They use ceramic balls, but are paired with metal inner and outer rings. Therefore they are suitable for higher speeds conditions. 

Despite the small difference in design, the requirements of hybrid bearings have big different from full ceramic bearings. For example, full ceramic bearings do not require lubrication, but hybrid bearings need unless they are used at very low speeds. Precision hybrid bearings with a high-speed cage are capable of very high speeds, so they can be used in machine tool spindles. 

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