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General information about Bearing test machine
Feb 12, 2018

      The company has conducted in-depth research on the testing technology and reliability theory of all kinds of bearings, engaging in the development and manufacture of bearing testing equipments and undertaking the simulation testing, life testing and other performance tests for all kinds of bearings. We can also develop and manufacture the fully automatic control simulation testing machines for the bearings used in various machineries(aviation, spaceflight, railway, automobile, motorcycle, machine tool, motor, etc.)

   Bearing life test machine   

       Bearing life test results is an important index of comprehensive evaluation of bearing quality. It can reveal the quality level of bearing structure design, manufacturing process, material and lubrication etc.

      This series of machine is controlled by industrial computer automatically. The load, speed, operation time and other main parameters can be preset, and the machine can work according to the set procedures. The test machine can also monitor, record automatically on bearing load, temperature, vibration, motor speed, current and other parameters. When the testing bearing failure or something wrong with the test machine, the machine will alarm downtime and record down the reason automatically, to realize unattended and intelligent management.

    Auto bearing testing machine    

     This series of machine are realized the computer automatic control, monitoring test parameters, recording, alarm downtime and other functions.

     This series of machine test subject design is unique, simulation accurately, high machining accuracy, high components configuration, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of the bearing test.

    Sealed bearing testing machine   

     This kind of machine are often used to evaluate the bearing performance of a particular level and the durability of the bearing performance, such as the seal, friction, high-speed, high temperature resistance performance. Control mode can be automatic computer control or manual control.

    Bearing parts testing machine      

    A lot of experiments and data statistics show that when bearing fatigue failure, the most probability is roller failure. Therefore, steel ball contact fatigue testing machine and roller fatigue testing machine are used to test the fatigue life of rolling elements. And then study the internal relationship between rolling element's fatigue life, material, manufacturing process, finished product quality etc.