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General introduction of slewing bearing
Mar 14, 2018

Slewing bearing is a kind of large bearing which can bear a comprehensive load, and can withstand larger axial load, radial loads and overturning torque at the same time. Slewing bearings generally have mounting holes, internal or outer gears, lubricating oil holes and sealing devices. Therefore, it can make the design of the main engine compact, easy to guide and easy to maintain. Slewing bearing consists of four types: four point contact ball bearings, double row angle contact ball bearing, cross tapered roller bearings and three row cylindrical roller composite bearings. Among the four types, four point contact ball bearings have higher static load capacity; cross cylindrical roller bearings have higher dynamic load capacity; the preinterference of cross tapered roller bearings can make the bearings have greater support rigidity and rotary accuracy. The slewing bearing is widely used in lifting machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, Port machinery, ship machinery, high precision radar machinery and missile launchers and other equipment on the large rotary device.

Our ZYS slewing ring bearing series have five types: single-row four point contact ball slewing bearing, single-row cross roller slewing bearing, double row different ball diameter slewing bearing, three-row cylindrical roller slewing bearing and roller&ball combination slewing bearing. All of these slewing ring bearings can be divided into bearings without gears, bearings with internal gears and bearings with external gears.