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General principles to be followed for bearing fit
Jul 20, 2018

Proper coordination can achieve good supporting performance, make full use of bearings, and improper coordination will result in premature bearing damage. Bearing capacity is related to coordination of bearing mounting surface, supporting shaft and shell hole. In accordance with the requirements of bearings, the  following principles should be followed:


1. Supporting

Bearing ring must be supported well in order to give full play to bearing ability. According to this request, inner ring and ou ring should adopt tight cooperation. The ring is a thin-walled part. When the gap is large, the ring will bend and deform after loading, which will affect the internal load and stress distribution, and produce stress concentration. At the same time, the deformation of the ring will also affect the precision of rotation.

2. Sliding

The ring under rotating load cannot slip along the surrounding direction on the matching surface. However, the ring subjected to a fixed load may produce a small rotation, slowly changing the load area.

3. Moving end support

The non-separated bearing supported by the moving end should allow an axial movement of a ring relative to the matching surface, and the fit of the ring should be looser.