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Get to know slewing bearing
Oct 25, 2018

        Slewing bearing, that is turntable bearings, which can bear large radial load, axial load and tilting moment. For application field, slewing bearings are widely used in large-scale rotary device engineering, mining machinery, metallurgy, wind power, ship, port, petroleum, chemicals, light industry, medical equipment, food, vehicles, robotics, aerospace, radar and military industries. Generally speaking, slewing bearing has lubrication holes, mounting holes and sealing devices, to meet the various hosts under various working conditions. In addition, slewing bearing has some features, such as compact structure, easy to guide the rotation, easy to install and easy to maintain. 

        Slewing bearing can be divided into crossed roller wheel bearing, double row different ball slewing bearing, four-point contact ball turntable bearing, roller and ball combination slewing bearing and other types bearings. According the different structure, they can also be divided into no gear type, external gear type and internal gear type.