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Have you heard of ZYS dental bearing?
Mar 06, 2018

   ZYS bearing is widely used in many fields. But many people can not believe that it is also used in dentistry. ZYS Dental ball bearings, like all ball bearings, are designed to handle loads and reduce friction so that those loads are moved easily through the application. Loads handled by ball bearings can be radial, bearing loads perpendicular to axle, or bearing loads in an axial direction. ZYS dental bearings is a kind of precision miniature bearings. Be careful in mounting and such dental drill bearings, or the life and performance of the bearings will be influenced and decreased.

   ZYS Bearings have high precision miniature bearings for more dental and medical applications. The structure of dental bearing includes four types, including smooth, flange, groove and unique.

  At present ZYS has all kinds of dental bearings, including oil free, integral.