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High temperature adaptability of bearings
Nov 22, 2018

The high temperature adaptability of the bearing and the heat treatment process of the bearing within an outer diameter of  240 mm ensure that it is dimensionally stable below 150 degrees. Special heat treatments are required if the operating temperature is above 150 degrees. These bearings are marked with the suffixes S1 to S4 (DIN 623).

S1: Maximum operating temperature 200 degrees

S2: Maximum operating temperature 250 degrees

S3: Maximum working temperature 300 degrees

S4: Maximum operating temperature 350 degrees

Bearings with an outer diameter>240 mm are generally stable at temperatures below 200 degrees. The bearings use the cages made of glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 and can be stably operated at working temperatures below 120 degrees. When this kind of bearing is lubricated with oil, if the oil contains additives, the life of the cage may be shortened. When the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, the aged lubricant will also shorten the life of the cage. Therefore, you should pay attention to observe and replace the lubricant as scheduled.

The allowable temperature of sealed bearing also depends on the filled grease and the requirements of the contact seal. Sealed bearings are lubricated with specially tested high quality lithium grease. This grease can withstand high temperatures of 120 degrees in a short time. If the stable operating temperature reaches 70 degrees or higher, the life of standard lithium grease will be shortened.

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