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How to distinguish ZYS low speed bearing and high speed bearing?
Oct 22, 2018

High and low speed bearings are generally defined with linear speed rather than rotational speed. The speed of high speed bearings must reach the speed requirement of over 60 meters per second, so small bearings may be tens of thousands of turns, but they are not high speed bearings; very large bearings may only have hundreds of turns per minute, but they are high speed bearings, because their linear speed is high. In sliding bearings, hydrostatic bearings, hydrodynamic bearings and pneumatic dynamic bearings are suitable for high speed rotation. Low speed generally use rolling bearings, and high-speed generally use general sliding bearings.

If we must distinguish the high and low speed bearings from the appearance, we can see the following two points: 

  1. The high speed bearing is more accurate than the low speed bearing, and its surface roughness is small. The intuitive difference is that the surface of the high speed bearing is more smooth than the low speed bearing, and the clearance between the outer ring and the inner ring of high speed bearing is smaller.

  2.  Compared with the low speed bearing, the raceway precision of high speed bearing is higher than that of low speed bearing.