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How to extend slewing bearing service life
Nov 06, 2018

Premature failure is common for large size bearings in heavy-duty applications, such as cranes, excavators and tunnel boring machines. In such applications,  slewing bearing must simultaneously handle the complex load spectrum that covers diverse combinations of thrust, radial and axial. So it is important to make regular maintenance to protect the slewing bearings and extend the service life. We can prevent it from the following steps:

Bearing Lubrication

Slewing bearing should be lubricated at regular intervals with heavy-duty, extreme-pressure grease. Follow the maintenance measures recommended in the operating manual, we do the bearing lubrication. 

Gear Lubrication

Most large bearings have gear teeth that require lubrication. Since the meshing action of the teeth tends to squeeze out lubricant, gears should be lubricated every eight hours on slow-rotating or intermittently rotating equipment, and more often on rapidly or continuously rotating equipment. Small amounts of grease should be introduced at the point of mesh between the gear and pinion.


The seals on the bearing should be visually inspected periodically to be sure they are intact. Many people overlook the importance of seals, but they aid considerably in preventing bearing raceway contamination.


A torque check on bolts should be part of any routine maintenance procedure. The frequency of these checks depends on the severity of service.