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How to judge the replacement period of rotary table bearing?
May 04, 2018

 Rotary Table Bearing plays an important role in construction machinery. If there is damage to the rotary table bearing, it will affect the normal operation of the machinery. Thus, the rotary table bearing should be replaced after a period of operation. There are two methods to judge the condition of the rotary table bearing: one is use Ferrography; the other is to use SPM/I-ID—1 Bearing working condition monitoring instrument.

When using HD-1 instrument, if the pointer is close to the danger zone from the warning area, we should take the lubrication measures. If the pointer is still not returned after measures, we can identify that the bearing has problem. It is safe and economical to use this kind of instrument to judge the bearing condition and then repair it to avoid the stop of machine.

Secondly, we can use simple monitoring tools to determine the replacement time of rotary table bearing. Operators can hold tools against the nearest machine part of bearing to judge the operation condition of rotary table bearing from the sound from the tools. The normal operation sound should be even, stable.